Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Flora and Ulysess: The Illuminated Adventures- meeting #16

Our first meeting of the 2015-16 school year was on Flora and Ulysess:  The Illuminated Adventures by Kate di Camillo.  This book was read by the girls over the summer and was a big hit.  All thumbs up which might be a first for the Girls With Opinions.

 The girls ate chicken nuggets, fries, and veggies while we discussed the book.  We used our general discussion questions to help guide the discussion. We also used some comprehension questions that were found on this discussion guide from the publisher.  The girls always amaze us at the subtleties they pick up from the books we read.  The part where William Spiver removes his dark glasses and can finally see again was also the time when he confessed some things to Agnes.  One astute girl with opinions suggested that this was symbolic as he was finally opening up and trusting Agnes and coming to terms with what happened to him in his past.  We also had donuts and nutter butter cookies to go with the theme since Ulysess the Squirrel loves food, donuts in particular.

For the activity, we got ambitious and attempted to make tiny cute kawaii squirrels holding a macaron made out of FIMO clay using this tiny squirrel tutorial.

We gave the girls a piece of foil as a work space and a choice to make a blue or pink macaron and then gave them each small portions of the colors of clay.  We had the instructions on an ipad for them to consult as they made their creations.  They occasionally asked for help, but in general did the project independently.

working diligently

They did a great job.  As they were finished, I placed them on piece of foil and used a toothpick to scratch a circle around it and mark the girl's name so we knew which one belonged to each girl.

We decided to bake them at the meeting but I will paint on the eyes for the girls after they cool and give them back at the next meeting.  They came out very cute.

We had a great time!  Next month, we are reading The Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson.