Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Grace and The Flower Girl Power- Meeting #6

Our sixth book Just Grace and the Flower Girl Power was our first deviation from the Mighty Girl Reading List.  As I've read many Mighty Girl selections, I'm finding a ton of contenders for them when they get older, but we weren't finding so many for their age level after reading five selections from the list already.  A few we could have read now, but I think their messages will make more of an impact when the girls are 3rd and 4th graders.  So I've been scouring the internet for books and came upon this silly little book.  Most of our girls like graphic novels (BabyMouse, Amulet, etc.) so I thought this book would be right up their alley.  It ended up being a hit with the girls.  The style of the book is short paragraphs with comic strip illustrations.  The light story line was perfect for the end of the school year.  This was our last meeting of this school year, and will pick back up with book club in September.  The next book selection is assigned for the whole summer.  With vacations, etc. we figured book club during summer would be difficult to coordinate, and decided on a summer selection that they would have a few months to read.

We were greeted by this cute sign ;)

Two of our girls weren't able to make it.  Strep throat has made the rounds in Houston, Texas.  One had piles of homework to complete after being out with it last week, and one had come down with strep the day before.  We were so sad they couldn't be there.  I have to say that it is VERY sweet how much these girls want to be at book club.  They are so bummed to miss it, and I'm glad they love book club so much.

The girls liked the book.  We had all thumbs up.  I really was wondering how our discussion would go (since the book didn't deal with any major issues, and was a silly book) but they had lots of opinions to share.  We used our general discussion questions.  The moms laughed and laughed at these girls.  They are so opinionated.  When asked what they would change about the book, one girl expressed that she really wishes Luke (a UPS man) would have worn some different costumes.  Cracked us up.  Look at these girls!

all have something to say.

this peanut always has something to share.  love her!

The host mama really rocked planning this whole meeting.  She found the cutest craft, served Chik Fil A nuggets, and generally raised the bar for all future book club meetings ;)  Here is the craft she found for the girls to do.

Tissue paper flower bouquets

She had the tissue paper precut and taught the girls how to make the flowers.  They loved them!

our fearless leader teaching the girls how to make the bouquets

striking a pose with their bouquets (sassy!)

such good friends!

Due to computer issues, I did not hand out bottle cap buttons for their lanyards but promised them for next meeting ;)  Here are the bottlecap images for Just Grace and the Flower Girl power.

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