Saturday, January 18, 2014

Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great- meeting #1

After deciding on the book list, an email was sent to all the participants letting them know the meeting time, place, and book list.  We allowed a month to read the first book prior to the first meeting.  The first book we chose was Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great by Judy Blume.

The girls arrived at 6:30pm and ate hot dogs, fruit salad, and snacked on a veggie tray.  They brought their books along with them to discuss.  As they sat and ate, we had our discussion.

General book club discussion questions that we use as a guide for the discussion can be found here.  (I am trying to upload documents via Google Docs.  Lets see if this works ;)  Click the link below and hopefully it will take you to my Google doc.


Sheila is an interesting main character.  She is somewhat hard to like, bossy, and brags about herself all the time.  However, underneath the bravado, Sheila has many fears.  She is afraid of dogs, learning to swim, and many other things.  We talked about how sometimes when people are insecure they act like Sheila.  The girls were very talkative and shared many insights about the book.  They were all very shocked by the slumber party chapter.  In this chapter, Sheila and her friends make a "slam book" and write brutally honest things about each other.  The girls write very mean things to each other, and everyone's feelings are hurt.  We talked about how "honesty" is not always the best policy, and that we should work to build our friendships up rather than criticize and tear each other down.  

The activity we did after the discussion was to make a "sweet book."  I bought mini composition notebooks from Walgreens (99 cents each) and each girl wrote their name on the front of one.  They passed the books around and wrote something nice about the person in their book.  They all loved the activity and got to take their notebooks home.

As a silly snack, I made blue jello and put gummy lifesavers on top with sour patch kids inside the life savers (since Sheila is afraid to swim).  I should have taken more pictures, but here is a picture of the girls with the jello.

At the end of the activity, I passed out the first pin for their lanyard.  

Directions for bottle cap buttons to go on lanyards

Sheila images for button pins

After the official meeting is over, the girls like to play while the moms talk and drink wine. It was a great first meeting!

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