Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Night Fairy- meeting #2

Our second book was THE NIGHT FAIRY by Laura Amy Schlitz.  This book was a hit.  Two girls gave it a thumbs to the side, but most gave it a thumbs up.  

We used our general book club discussion questions as well as some of these that came from a word document I found online at Indiana Library Federation's website:  


1. Describe the life cycle of a fairy. 

2. Why did Flory, the night fairy, decide to be a day fairy?  What are her challenges?

3. Why do you think Flory is willing to help Skuggle get food?

4. What does Flory seem to admire about the hummingbird?  Why do you think this?

5. Discuss the growing relationship that develops between Flory and Skuggle.  How can you compare this to a friendship you developed?

6. Why do you think it might be bad luck to kill a fairy?

7. Flory developed several good friends.  Which friendships do you think will continue to grow?  Why do you think this?

The mom who hosted the meeting had a nice spread of veggies and fruit to snack on, chicken nuggets, and cupcakes with fairy cupcake toppers.  She found a fairy wall decal at the dollar store and put it on the wall to add some fairy magic to the room.  

After the book discussion, the girls made fairy houses.  In the story, Flory lives inside a bird house when she has to become a day fairy after the loss of her wings.  I found little paper mache bird houses at Hobby Lobby.  They are usually 99 cents but were on sale for 30% off making them roughly 70 cents each.   A word to the wise-  if you have a lot of girls in your club, make sure to buy them early.  I need six of them and the store I went to only had 5.  I got those, and then went back a week later and got the last one (this time there were only 2 at the store).  Don't wait until the last minute.  It seems they are never heavily stocked.

At the previous book club meeting, I let the girls look through my acrylic paint and had them choose the color they wanted for their fairy houses.  I wrote down their names and the color they chose.  Before this meeting I prepainted the houses so they were ready to go.  I used some sticky avery labels with their name on them to go around the loop at the top.  This kept the loop from getting stuck in the paint while painting and allowed me to know whose house was whose without writing on the actual house.

At the meeting, we put out foam stickers, jewels, sticky scrapbook letters, shells, puff balls, glue, and other things for them to decorate their houses. 

One mom brought some glue dots that really saved the day.  They worked on some of the items that would traditionally need hot glue, and the girls could use them themselves rather than ask an adult to hot glue for them.  

Hard at work

The finished products
a close up
 The host mama had one last craft- an acorn dessert.  The night fairies are 1 acorn high when they are born and at the end of the book, Flory is 2 acorns high.  So the girls made acorns from mini Nilla wafers, Hershey's kisses, and chocolate icing.  You use the chocolate icing to stick the hershey's kiss to the nilla wafer and then dab a little icing on the top to look like the stem. 

yummy acorns

I gave the bottle cap buttons out, and the girls added their NIGHT FAIRY button to their lanyard.  


The second GIRLS WITH OPINIONS book club meeting was a success.  The girls are excited to read the next book TURTLE IN PARADISE for February's meeting.

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